This short article was inspired after talking to one of my clients. This person seemed overwhelmed by, as he described them, “life demands”. He mentioned that at times between the demands from his business and home that he felt that life was hectic. I know that many of us has felt this feeling at one point of our lives, mainly due to the fast pace of our modern society which seems to overtake our time, money, and many times seems to rob us from our joy.

So, I decided to pour a cup of coffee and write a simple ten-point list on how to simply my life and in turn it may help others as well. While there are many ways to simplify our lives, I want to keep the list short since most of the people reading this article may be pressed for time and won’t have the time to sit and read a long list of ideas.


Ten Simple Ways to Simplify Our Lives


My definition of simplifying is “cutting things down to their simplest element”.  What do I mean by cutting down to their simplest element? Sometimes is to eliminate those things that causes stress (i.e. debt and toxic people) and adding those things that eliminate/reduce stress (i.e. exercise) with the goal to live a simpler and less stressful life so I can concentrate on what really is important to me.


Ten Simple Ways to Simplify Our Lives


1.    Take care of yourself. You are not going to perform at a high level if you don’t take the time to care for yourself.  Spend time praying, exercising, eating right, and relaxing.

2.    Limit communications. Put down the cell phone!  Turn off the phone so you can be 100% in the present and your loved ones can fully enjoy your time together without distractions.  During bedtime, turn off the cellphone so you can have a restful sleep.

3.    Make your loved ones your priority and eliminate busyness from your life. Spend time with those you love. Time is the best gift you can give to your loved one.  Our busy lives, if not controlled, lead to the disruption and in many cases the destruction of our most important relationships.

4.    Get Out of Debt and Budget. It has been proven though many surveys that financial pressures is one of the main reasons for divorce and other problems at home. Also, debt causes stress and lack of freedom. Also, have the right plan in place for your money, and you will never spend more than you make.

5.    Learn To Say “NO”. While I believe we should volunteer and to share our talents, if we do it to the point we wear ourselves to a frazzle, we are not doing anyone a favor. To the contrary, we are hurting ourselves and our missions and our loved ones.

6.    Spend Less Time With Needy and Toxic People. You know the ones I’m talking about (those who are filled of drama, the “negative nellies”, the complainers, the energy/emotional vampires). The time you dedicate to these people, is time you are taking away from your mission and your loved ones.

7.    Don’t Overcommit Your Children. Trust me, your children will still have a wonderful childhood if they don’t have ten different scheduled activities every week.  Slow down, eat dinner at home more often, have them appreciate the surroundings, the rain fall and allow them to be involved with a few of their favorite activities.  Remember, extremely busy kids equals overcommitted parents.

8.    Declutter Your Home. Get rid of all the junk you never use.  You can sell it online or donate it.  The less junk you have, it helps to keep a cleaner home, and eliminate the visual noise around you.

9.    Be Frugal. You don’t need all the latest gadgets, cars, and name brands.  Find the best deals, buy used things, and use them until they wear out.  Using coupons is a good way to get started spending less.

10. Take Time To Be Alone and Take a Sabbath Day. Alone time helps you to hear that inner voice that is so easily drowned out by constant activity and communication. Also, take one day a week to do no work whatsoever.  Spend time with family, worship, read a book, and just relax. 

I can do it and you can do this, we must be intentional, and we will see incredible results! Intention is a decision. However, whether you’re an employee, a business owner, or a stay-home mother/father, living a life intentionally has never been more difficult. With all of the devices, screens, Facebook, the internet, all of these pulling against our mind, attention, imagination and our wills. The only way to take control of this digitally-overwhelming world is to focus and make the intention to live a simplified life.