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Taxation rules and regulations are constantly evolving at the local, state, and federal levels, making it virtually impossible for today’s business managers to stay abreast of requirements. Our expertise frees our clients from this burden.

It is crucial that tax planning be thoroughly incorporated into overall business and investment planning. In order to maximize profitability and minimize potential exposure to tax liability.

From compliance and planning to local, state and federal consulting, our insight can prove invaluable to an organization’s future as well as to its leaders’ financial position and peace of mind.

Individuals have a lot of questions during their quest for long-term financial security. Our tax compliance and consulting services helps clients design a comprehensive plan to reach their financial objectives. We dissect each component and make recommendations for improvement.

IRS Tax Problem?

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We are ready to help to help you get your financial life back on track. Facing the IRS or the State Department of Revenue can bring unwanted stress upon anyone, and trying to take on the case alone can be confusing and time consuming. We offer tax debt resolution services and tax representation for audits and examinations.

What are the benefits for you:

We talk directly with the IRS for you – we speak their language

We can help you solve your IRS problems and stop the harassment

We know and understand the IRS and State Department of Revenue rules

The IRS cannot take advantage of you due to lack of understanding of tax law and the IRS collection process

We work for you and negotiate on your behalf

If you qualify, an Offer in Compromise will reduce the amount you owe

Added protection against IRS wage garnishments and bank/asset levies

Tax Debt Resolution

We help both individuals and businesses that have unfiled tax returns and who are struggling to pay back taxes. Ignoring your tax issues and failing to pay back the IRS will lead to further tax penalties and interests, and can authorize the IRS to take action by seizing your personal assets such as home, car and even wage garnishments.

We can help you with the following tax debt services:

Offers in Compromise
Installment Agreement
Penalty Abatement
Innocent Spouse Relief
Currently Not Collectible

Tax Audits and Tax Examinations

A notice for audit means the IRS reviewed your tax return and needs further documentation of proof for certain claims made. There are different types of tax notices/audits that the IRS may request (CP2000, correspondence audit, etc.) and a consultation with us can help clear up the severity of your case. Choosing to ignore a notice for tax audit or tax examination can lead the IRS to open up investigation to previous years and make you susceptible to further tax liabilities.

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