Lost Profits

Lost Profits


A loss of income or profits can occur anytime due to a multitude of factors, including negligence, product liability, fraud, contractual disputes and unstable market conditions.

Having us in your corner can help ensure you have a reasonable and defendable measurement of the damages.

Our forensic accounting professionals understand the complexity involved in lost profits related files. By deploying statistical and economic models, our experts can determine the business loss associated with the event, identify and measure the impact of mitigating activities and keep clients informed with regular updates, schedules and reports.

When lost profits occur, we provide the following types of services:

• Detailed reviews of operational and financial records
• Analysis of industry data to determine the effect on profit related to the interruption
• Comparison of pre-loss projected performance versus actual performance
• Exploration of non-loss-related events and conditions to determine the impact
• Interviewing of key management, suppliers and customers
• Collaboration with other experts