Fraud and Investigations

Fraud and Investigations


Fraud can occur at any company, having a significant financial impact on even the most well established business. According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, “The typical organization loses, on average, five percent of its annual revenue to fraud waste and abuse.”¹ If you suspect that fraud has happened or is about to occur, hire us.

We offer the following types of services to help you combat the risk of fraud and reduce the stress associated with managing the investigation and remediation process:

• Fraud Investigations: Asset tracing, kickbacks and misappropriation; bankruptcy involving fraudulent conveyance actions and preferential payments; business and shareholder disputes; fidelity and embezzlement pertaining to employee dishonesty and fidelity bonds; financial condition analysis; financial institutional bonds; occupational fraud investigations; Ponzi schemes; and Whistleblower investigations.
• Vendor/Contract Due Diligence: Contract and royalty agreement assessments for fraud and abuse; new employee background search; and vendor/contractor pre-contract due diligence.
• Anti-Fraud Risk Assessments: Anti-fraud, ethics and compliance training; continuous monitoring, implementation or enhancement of internal controls; facilitated comprehensive risk assessment; fraud response plans; and review, development or implementation of anti-fraud programs, practices and procedures.
• Corruption: Anti-bribery and corruption training; anticorruption program review; internal investigations; corruption risk assessment; regulatory investigations; and Whistleblower investigations.
• Electronic Discovery: forensic imaging of electronic media and devices; electronic document review; document production.

Our highly trained professionals will obtain the necessary documentation to help determine whether fraud has occurred. If it has, our professionals will assess the damages associated with any improprieties, track non-routine trends, review all relevant information available, interview the parties involved and prepare the necessary analyses.

Our experts will assist the company’s management in understanding the nature of the scheme, analyze internal controls and accounting processes, quantify the losses sustained, recommend changes to controls and policies that will help to mitigate fraud risk going forward and assist with strategies to recover what was lost. Our professionals can also act as consulting experts or provide independent expert witness testimony.

1 The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners’ “2016 Report to the Nations on Occupational Fraud and Abuse”