Cash Flow Analysis

Cash Flow Analysis


Cash flow analysis and financial projections are very important methods for getting an unbiased, comprehensive view of your company’s current financial health. Investors care  about the “statement of cash flows” because it provides insight into how your company generates and expends cash, and ultimately, its ability to return value to shareholders. Our liquidity analysis will calculate the cycle of inflow and outflow of cash and provide business intelligence insights in a timely manner of any opportunities or potential problems.     

We work with many startups and small businesses as interim CFO consultants, and we help you to establish a cash flow statement operations baseline across a wide spectrum of various cost and revenue components such as days working capital, return on capital employed, cash conversion efficiency, forecast accuracy, and others.   Our business advisory services look deeper into examining current expenses and revenue vs future expenses and revenue, so that your company can learn to optimize it better to meet both long and short term financial goals.   

There is no substitute for cash. No matter how much revenue you recognize or how many assets you have on your books, the simple and enduring truth is that the only enterprises that survive are those that generate enough cash to keep their operations running.

Our financial planning solutions combine analytics, technology with advanced operational models to develop these vital tools.  Any business that does not have reliable cash flow management tools and financial forecasts in place, can easily be hit with unexpected costs associated with:  

Technology upgrades    
Payroll costs    
Staffing needs   
Vendor services    
Rent and utilities   
Equipment and other yearly capital expenses     
Retirement funding   
Tax obligations    

We realize that not every business owner loves crunching numbers.   This is how we fill in the gaps, we have over 31 years of guiding small and mid-sized business into financial profitability through cash flow projections.  Our CPA team helps companies to avoid failure due to lack of planning our proper control over their allocation of cash resources.  We provide you with an estimate of future financial outcomes based on proven financial metrics.  With this forecast your company will be able to:     

Model a new business or project  
Figure out your borrowing needs    
Test financial allocation strategy scenarios      
Predict any sales slowdowns or shortfalls in cash reverses      
Plan investment and growth strategies     
Plan for asset purchases, expansion and tax liabilities or consequences   
Cash Flow Analysis and Forecasting Expertise   

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